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Free Money-For Flea Market Items

Hey Everyone,

Thats what it feels like when we shop for flea market items. With the coupons its like you have free money to buy with. Here is a recent shop with a savings of $281.05. The total was $420. You can see the STORE COUPON was $42.00 which is the 10% off that you know how to get. Taxable items on $345.27 was $22.44 and the total wound up only being $148.15. That savings of $281.05 was the FREE MONEY!
DSCN4185 150x150 Free Money For Flea Market ItemsClick on pic to enlarge:

This is so easy to do. Order the coupons on ebay. Go buy the products. Go sell the products. Rinse and Repeat. If you need to sign up for ebay just hit the link below. Once you click on the link it will take you to ebays home page. In the top left corner you can register.

Ebay Sign Up

I want to send Congrats to a few people today. Tonora, Doug and Darel. Tonora says she has mastered a very good recipe for her cajun peanuts. Wish I could sample some. icon wink Free Money For Flea Market Items   Doug took action and started selling in Tenn. and had a good weekend. Darel was going to start this Monday selling his peanuts. Way to go everyone. Keep it going.

I have been busy with the flea market and putting together a couple of new sites. Will let you know when they are ready. Has to do with making money at home. That really is my favorite thing to do!!

Well, thats all for now......

Until Next Time,
Wayne Stanila

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